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Houston, United States, North America
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Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Some College Preferred.
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Full time
According to experience

Music Teacher

About this job
Music Teacher Job Description Many people do not just love listening to music but want to play musical instruments or sing. Some wish to learn playing music for fun and some may want to pursue a career in music. They may take the help of a music teacher to teach them how to play an instrument of their choice or how to exercise their vocal cords to produce soothing music. A music teacher helps individuals or groups learn to play musical instruments. Music teachers work in schools, colleges, university, recording studios, music conservatories or homes of students.

Job Duties: A music teacher teaches the basic principles of music to beginners and higher nuances of music to those that have already acquired knowledge of basics of music. Their duties may have to: 1) Train students in a specific instrument.2) Train a student vocally.3) Train groups of middle school and high school student.4) Conduct rehearsals for students and prepare them for various events.5) Work with glee clubs. Train members of school band, choir, orchestra and marching band for particular events.6) Explain junior learners about basic of various musical instruments like bongos and tambourines.7) Explain about stringed instruments to senior students. Students also learn about instruments belonging to the brass and percussion families. Guitars, pianos, xylophones, violins and flutes etc. are some of the instruments that a music teacher deals with.8) Music teachers encourage students to sing along as they play music often stopping them to point where they are going wrong in terms of melody, beat or tempo. Knowledge and Skills: 1) Complete mastery of playing one or more instruments.2) Excellent stage presence and demonstrative ability.3) Good at spotting gaps in a student’s learning.4) Have patience as students may take time and need repetitive instructions to learn something. Educational Qualification and Experience: 1) A music teacher need not have any formal qualifications for giving private lessons. But they must have learnt music well from an accomplished music teacher or maestro. They must have years of music instrument playing experience. 2) A degree in music and a State certification is preferred. Music courses include musical theory, music interpretation and composition. Salary: 1) According to experience.
Job keywords/tags:  Must work well with small children.
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