Job summary

Houston, United States, North America
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
High School Diploma
Job type:
Full time
Salary: $45K – 50K annually

Title Examiner

About this job

Furnishes legal descriptions and title information about real property with unpaid tax bills to a property tax collection firm, which uses the information to collect delinquent taxes and to file and prosecute delinquent tax cases.

Background Requirements:
Familiarity with real estate transactions and how real property is described;

  • Knowledge about ownership of real property and liens that encumber property;
  • Understanding of requirements for legal documents affecting real estate; and
  • Experience searching public records or using a title plant for the metro Houston area.
  • High School degree


Locates title-related information and obtains examination materials: determines how information and materials are indexed in a title plant; prints out information from geographical (land) index and generals (name) index;

acquires copies of deeds and liens applicable to search property, plus copies of probate materials, court cases and involuntary liens applicable to parties involved.

Assembles a chain-of-title and reviews documents in order to answer these questions:

  • What is the legal description of the search property?
  • Who are the owners of this property?
  • Do other individuals or entities hold some type of interest in the property?
  • Have liens been filed against the property or the owners?

Prepares a report for each examination containing the following information:

  • a legal description of the property assessed under a delinquent tax account;
  • details about conveyances, liens, heirship materials and probate matters;
  • the name and address of each property owner;
  • the name and address of any other person or party with an interest in the property;
  • a name and address for each lien holder; and
  • the name and address of any party who has no interest documented by a recorded transaction, yet is named as the record owner by the appraisal district.

Provides a sufficient number of reports daily in order

  1. to contribute to the department budget and
  2. to regularly match the daily production level of other title examiners.

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